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DR MP3 Workshop is a multi-program suite with the following applications available: MP3 CD Ripper Windows Explorer compatible. Extracts from CD-Rs to MP3 or WAV on CD, or to WAV on Computer. Output options include variable bitrate & VBR, silence stripping (with setting for threshold), normalization (VBR only). Preferably used with JitterCorrection for better quality, this application is the best of its type and is not subject to the problems such as MP3 Retagging which are seen with other CD rippers. MP3 Tools Quickly transfer your CD to MP3 using drag & drop menus. Full options available. Dependent on your computer's CPU speed this is fairly fast and tends to run in the background of your screen. MP3 Editor Edit CD-R to MP3 or WAV, or vice-versa. Decoding is provided via SRC of your choice - Lame (all modern MP3 encoders), MLP (via the MLP encoder available from FLAC, WAV,.rar, etc. This has a two-track player with audio controls for adjustment of volume and normalization for VBR MP3 files. Music Editor Edit MP3 files, using one of four components: SRC of your choice - Lame, MLP, FLAC, WAV,.rar, etc. This then exports the result to a text file, which can then be edited in any text editor. Can also encode (via Lame) to any of the formats above. MP3 resampler Audio resampler using high quality fixed point sinc filter. No need for LSB conversion or data interpolation. Outputs in many formats including WAV, MP3 and WMA. MP3 encoder Encoding using Lame (all modern MP3 encoders). VBR using LAME, VBR and CBR (constant bitrate). Option to use fixed bitrate (vbr180) or variable bitrate (vbr234). Output option is to use WAV, MP3 or WMA. MP3 encoder - GUI Encoding using Lame (all modern MP3 encoders) via graphical interface. Output is to WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC or SRC (use SRC for outputting to MP3 or WAV) using variable bitrate a5204a7ec7

*MP3 Workshop is an extremely versatile CD to WAV/MP3 Converter and Ripper. This excellent converter makes it easy to rip your favorite CDs to MP3 files which is something you cannot do easily with other popular CD-rippers. You can burn the MP3 files directly to CD using a normal CD-R writer or you can try it again and extract the MP3 files straight to CD-R using the new WAV functionality. *MP3 Workshop is user friendly and if you read the information and instructions you will have no problems at all. *The CD-DB user interface has been thought through to be easy to use, and will even make it possible for you to download song names from Internet sites. *MP3 Workshop supports professional quality MP3 encoding using the LAME encoder and you can fine-tune your encoding to achieve the highest quality possible. *MP3 Workshop is an affordable way of converting CDs to MP3 and can do many other things to your MP3 files too, such as: *Change the bitrate, the ID3v2,3,4 and 5 Tag, the melody, the instrument and the volume of your music. *Extract MP3 files from the CD directly to your harddisk, but split them into different MP3 files. *Encode MP3 files to wav, ogg, aac or normalize to a variety of bitrates from 5.8kbps to 320kbps. *Retag MP3 and Ogg files using the filesyslides ID3 Tag editor. *Toggle the individual music tracks on or off using a new visualisation. *Split files, merge files, extract portions from a CD, add effects to your music, convert and create music CDs. MP3 Workshop is a CD to WAV/MP3 Converter and Ripper developed by a small group of developers, but the quality of the music it makes is superb. It also has other useful features. This is a fully featured CD to MP3 converter with a re-engineered MP3 encoder and a new backend CD-DB system to make it easy to extract the music from CDs. All the functions of MP3 Workshop are here, and since the encoder can be set to a wide variety of profiles, the resulting MP3 files will sound surprisingly good. The source directory can be set so that it is emptied before a

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